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Brand: König & Meyer Model: 23230 Table Microphone Stand
Interesting Perspective! Affordable table microphone-stand in a new attractive form, compact and practical. The low stand with its distinctive trilobular base (triangle form) holds the microphone reliably and securely in place. The circular rubber insert ring filters foot step sounds, reduces the tr..
Ex Tax:RM75.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 11940 Orchestra Music Stand
Powder-coated, perforated steel music stand with plastic connecting elements. The music stand rest can be attached and removed using the plastic, user-friendly, quick-release lock. There is a large, easy-to-use wing nut making adjustment of the tilt easy. The stand can be freely adjusted to any heig..
Ex Tax:RM250.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 16080 Headphone Holder
A holder for headphones when not in use. The new headphone holder is simply clamped to the tubes of a music stand or microphone stand, etc. and is generally suitable for a tube diameter max. 30 mm. The soft rubber support can easily take two sets of headphones. In addition, 2 in-ear headphones ..
Ex Tax:RM70.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 16085 Headphone Holder with Table Clamp
The new headphone holder including an innovative table clamp is a guaranteed secure and comfortable holder for your headphones. The holder protected with soft rubber can easily hold 2 standard headphone sets and 2 in-ear headphones can additionally be hung on the front. The headphone holder can be f..
Ex Tax:RM150.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 21021 Overhead Microphone Stand
Especially designed for studios and drummers. Taller and longer than most stands. Long legs fold for compact storage and easy transport...
Ex Tax:RM430.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 21070 Microphone Stand
Low-priced all-metal-stand. Consists of tubing assembly, boom arm and zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Square swivel joint with large wing nut...
Ex Tax:RM180.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 213 Speaker Stand
A high quality steel speaker stand with zinc die-cast clamps for professional use. Infinitely variable height adjustment with a hand crank and push button system which prevents an uncontrolled reverse motion. There is an additional locking screw for extra safety. Extension tube diameter 35 mm, suita..
Ex Tax:RM980.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 21339 Distance Rod With Hand Crank
Same as 21338, but with thread bolt M20 for connector plate 24116 for zero backlash and absolute vertical position...
Ex Tax:RM730.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 21347 Distance Rod
Steel tube combination to connect satellite systems. With bottom M20 thread to attach connector plate 24116. Zero backlash and absolute vertical position. Height-adjustable by locking screw and »safety-pin«...
Ex Tax:RM210.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 21435 Speaker Stand
The standard speaker stand constructed from steel tubing has been significantly improved. The new legs with a tubing diameter of 35 mm and the large, fixed foot end caps guarantee stability and safety. Lasered bore holes and durable, robust plastic saddle washers improve the coefficient of friction ..
Ex Tax:RM320.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 232 Table Microphone Stand
Sound-absorbing cast-iron base with black powder-coated screw-in rod, 3/8" thread...
Ex Tax:RM115.00
Brand: König & Meyer Model: 23550 Microphone Bar
Connects to top of mic stands for holding 2 microphones or boom arms. 3/8" locking screws, adjustable from 60 to 172 mm...
Ex Tax:RM60.00
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