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About Us

Octodecim Akustik Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor for QSC Livesound products in Malaysia.

The audio industry is fragmented and competitive, numerous manufacturers offering audio products and solutions vary in price, quality and distribution methods. 

Competition in the market remains intense and is dominated by large Asian manufacturers who produce consumer home system and karaoke system. Aftermarket products are offered to substitute those consumers with low budget for commercial purposes to be used at clubhouse, restaurant, church and more. 


We concentrate primarily on the higher quality, reasonable and affordable price of complete audio solution based upon the strength of brand, the quality ability to provide integrated systems and our comprehensive marketing, engineering and manufacturing resources.

This market is characterized by the short life cycle of products and a need for continuous design and development efforts. Our competitive strategy is to compete in the higher-quality segments with affordable pricing and continue to emphasize our ability to provide total solutions to customers, including a combination of loudspeakers, electronics products, integrated surround sound and mixer.